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本課程可取得Renew PMP 認證 之 開課, 前報名享特價!

 · PDF 檔案課程緣起 課程緣起 隨著全球化競爭與資訊科技的應用,各產業產品生命週期不斷被壓縮,使得新產品研發專 案的效率與及時性,成為產品是否能及時量產(Time to volume),及時上市(Time to market) 與及時變現(Time to money)的最關鍵因素。
【PMP】免費!超快!Renew 60個PDU學分 @ 心理學,催眠與NLP...尋意的潛意識空間

Maintaining Your PMP Certification: Renewal …

At the end of this three year period, PMP certification holders will have to renew their certification in order to keep benefiting from this certification. If you do not meet the requirements for renewal, your certification will be in suspension status.
【PMP】免費!超快!Renew 60個PDU學分 @ 心理學,催眠與NLP...尋意的潛意識空間
PMP Renewal Experience
As you may remember, to renew the PMP Certification it is required to earn 60 Professional Development Units a.k.a. PDUs every 3 years. And my timer started in October 2018. Thus, together with the joy of earning a certification I was also granted an obligation to maintain it constantly if I do not want to lose my PMP after the next 3 years.
Why Should You Make A PMP® Renewal?
PMP Renew 6 個 PDUs! 送顧問製作價值10,000元里程碑,甘特圖範本 課程時間 第109期:02/24 (三) 09:30-16:30 第110期:03/06 (六) 09:30-16:30 第110期:04/20 (二) 09:30-16:30
【PMP】免費!超快!Renew 60個PDU學分 @ 心理學,催眠與NLP...尋意的潛意識空間

How to Renew Your PMP (Advanced Guide & Step-by …

You can maintain your PMP certificate for as long as you need to by providing evidence every three years that you have kept up your professional development. If you do this, you can renew your certification and call yourself a PMP for another three years.
【PMP】免費!超快!Renew 60個PDU學分 @ 心理學,催眠與NLP...尋意的潛意識空間

全臺唯一!PRINCE2國際認證班,取得風行歐洲的專案管理證照,並可同時renew …

此外,對於已取得PMP證照的專案經理而言,參加本課程亦可取得Renew PMP所需的21 PDU,可說是一舉兩得。 課程時間為 4 月 12 日 至 4 月 14 日 ,週六日一白天上課,共計18小時。
Why should I renew my PMP®?


PMPを取得したら,ついにPMPホルダーとして実務にあたることになります。それと同時に3年間の學習サイクルが始まります。 學習サイクルの実績はPDUという単位を積み重ねます。1時間の學習あたり1PDUとなり,3年間で60PDUを取得すれば,晴れてPMP資格を更新することができます。
PMP & ACP 專案管理學院: 【NPDP新產品開發】NPDP換證流程
How to renew your PMP Credential?
To renew your PMP Credential, you should have accumulated 60 PDUs in the three years cycle. I reported some time back that I have completed the 60 PDUs accumulation for my PMP renewal. If you are interested, you can see how did I earn 60 PDUs .
【PMP】免費!超快!Renew 60個PDU學分 @ 心理學,催眠與NLP...尋意的潛意識空間

PDU取得的課程資訊 @ rfvcde的部落格 :: 痞客邦

2.2-SDL 的 PDU 於 PMP 每一認證週期最多只能申報 15 個, 所以在每 3 年一次 renew 中,60 個 pdu 中, 最多可以申報 15 個 2-SDL PDU 3. 收聽或觀看的 Episode 內容須符合 PMBOKR Guide 4. 每 1 個 pdu 須聽滿 1 小時或觀看教學影片 1 小時 5. 收聽或觀看
【PMP】免費!超快!Renew 60個PDU學分 @ 心理學,催眠與NLP...尋意的潛意識空間


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【PMP】免費!超快!Renew 60個PDU學分 @ 心理學,催眠與NLP...尋意的潛意識空間

PMP® Renewal, Requirements and Methods